Thursday, May 26, 2016

Big Sad News

       The days of summer have turned warm and life on the farm has changed forever.  We don't often think things can change in the blink of and eye but they sure have here. Two week ago I noticed my husband Dave was jaundice. He went in for blood tests and we now know he has Pancreatic cancer. The last two weeks have been back and forth to the hospital as we sort through this tragic new element in our lives.
          We were planning a move late this summer to oregon to be much nearer our adult children. We are even more determined than ever to make this move this summer. Dave is home now but not very comfortable. He sleep a lot.I am just keeping up with daily farm chores, but it is a day to day struggle. I have canceled my August natural dye retreat. Just tooooo much gong on. I  still plan to attend the Iowa Sheep and Wool festival  In Colfax Ia on June 11th and 12th. I have ordered extra Hia Hia needles will have a full both.
     I am at a loss for words so will sign off for now. I hope I can find the energy to get down to the studio and paint some skeins for the wool festival. I am thankful  every day for the amazing community arround us helping out in so many amazing ways.   Janette


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  1. My heart goes out to you. I am so sad and sorry about this news of your husband's cancer. I can only hold you in thought and prayer and love. ((((((((((HUGS))))))))